Staff Favorites – 2019

Looking for a good holiday gift idea? Here’s the list of staff favorites for the 2019/20 school year.

You can also download the PDF of responses.

Name Grade or Department Birthday Favorite Flower Favorite Color Favorite Restaurant Favorite Store or Gift Card Idea Favorite Snack Favorite Candy Favorite Beverage Hobbies Favorite Sports Team
Tracy Dorton Office 24 August Yellow Rose Purple anything mexican Target pretzels sour candies mountain dew listening to music, attending sporting events, playing games Anything Michigan!
Tabitha Santiago Kindergarten 6 November Roses Pink Any Target Any snack that has chocolate Chocolate Coffee Art Panthers
Caitlin Parker ECS 28 August sunflowers black chick fil a target; amazon salt and vinegar chips reese’s cups Dr. Pepper or diet coke reading, adventuring with corgs Canes
Danielle Gucwa 4th 18 May Hydrangea Purple Cava Barnes and Noble/ Ulta Skinny Pop Twix Diet Coke Reading/Baking/ Washington Capitals
Lecia Cecconi-Roberts AIG 6 January violets light or bright-pinks and purples J Alexanders Target, Amazon pretzels, snacks with nuts (no peanuts) Jolly Ranchers, Milky Way and thing with caramel diet Pepsi Classical Music, Girls volleyball, WWII Airplanes Detriot Redwings, Detroit Tigers, Any Big 10 School
Jessica Fitts Intervention 14 June Hydrangea Purple Cava Target Cheeze-Its Dark Chocolate Coffee Reading Carolina Hurricanes
Nicole Snipes Data manager 12 July *anyone is beautiful Black and Red chick-fila or anything 🙂 Target, Walmart popcorn, chips Heath, M&M’s with peanuts Diet Dr. Pepper movies, reading Duke, Panthers
Tara Rood STEM 29 April gerber daisy pirate purple Chick Fil A, Bravos Target, TJ Maxx white cheddar popcorn, grapes Reeses Pieces Coke Zero, sweet tea camping, boating, DIY projects ECU Pirates
Rob Jones 4th 22 June Succulents Green Al’s Burger Shack Amazon Cookies M&Ms Coffee Origami Durham Bulls
Kim Atkins ART 15 November all PURPLE Los Magueyes Fajita House Amazon Baked Ruffles Gummy Worms Coke Zero or Diet Mt. Dew Softball, Reading, ART Atlanta Braves, Washington Redskins, East Carolina PIRATES
Marisa McKinney Specialists – Music 10 November Daisy Teal Chic-fil-a Target Cashews, pretzels, popcorn M&Ms and dark chocolate Dr. Pepper, Hot tea (Earl Grey or Chai) All things baby boy, reading, puzzles Panthers, NC State
Christine Rahn ESL 18 February white rose orange Mellow Mushroom, On the Border, Cook Out Walmart, Phydeaux popcorn peanut butter M&Ms cold water running, reading, volunteering at the SPCA Baltimore Orioles, Carolina Hurricanes
Lee-Anna Park Office 14 April I love them all Yellow Sassool, Chick-fil-A TJ Maxx Cheddar Cheese Popcorn and Bugels I love it all Blueberry Bai Reading, Travel USA Women’s Gymnastics
Sarah Muscarella Kindergarten 9 March Pink Roses, but I love all flowers! pink Bravo’s, Carolina Cafe, Abbey Road Target, Trader Joe’s, Harris Teeter, Starbuck’s Boom Chicka Pop Swedish Fish, Chocolate Sparkling Water, Coffee Reading, baking Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Sabres
Kristen Davison Social worker 8 February lily purple Chick-fil-A Target Cheetos Gummy bears cherry coke travel, running, books, dance Chicago Cubs
Ashleigh Faggard Specials- Media 27 May Sunflower Green Sushi Nine Target Baked Lays M&Ms Gatorade Ultimate Frisbee & reading Arsenal- Soccer Team 🙂
Shannon Shire 4th 14 January Rose Green haven’t found on eyet, but I love tacos Target, Amazon trail mix, cheese, popcorn, nuts chocolate covered fruit, caramel anything coffee — cinnamon or vanilla latte, Diet coke, tea cooking, home decorating, trying new restaurants, wine tasting, not a sports fan :/
Julia Haywood Student Services 19 July Daisy Blue Chick-Fil-A Target Doritos Kit Kat Diet Dr. Pepper, Coffee reading, movies, sports UNC Tar Heels
Anne Bouédo 1st grade-Instructional assistant 30 January Rose Purple Coquette TJmaxx Unsalted nuts Dark chocolate Unsweetened hot green tea Hiking, reading None
Paulette Currie 5th 17 January Tulips Pink Carrabbas, The Cortez, Chipotle Amazon Pistachios , Chips Butterfinger, Almond Joy Coffee Spa Dallas Cowboys
TIffany Gray 3rd 31 October Rose Turquoise/Mint Green Zaxbys/Panera Target/Old Navy Honey roasted cashews, salt n vinegar chips Reeses Lipton Green Tea Music None
Brandi Snyder ECS 2 23 September sunflowers blue Panera Bread TJMaxx, Target, Amazon dark chocolate, Spicy Nacho Doritos peppermint patties, peanut M&M’s Cheerwine, Wild Cherry Pepsi, coffee running, hiking, kayaking Pittsburgh Penguins
Jacqueline Romanelli 1st 3 October Sunflower Pink, yellow, green Panera Target Salt and Vinegar Chips, Aldi Doritos Peanut m&ms Coffee, Vanilla Coke Zero Reading, rescue dogs Philadelphia Eagles
Danielle Polk CCR 31 December Plants Purple Olive Garden, Qdobas, any place authentic ethnic Bath & Body Works, Target, Walmart, Amazon Cinnabon Oreos, Caramel, white chocolate, cookies & cream Bai Coconut Pinapple, Coke crafting, collector of Boyd’s Bears NY Knicks, Giants, Baltimore Ravens
Anne Elmore 1st 24 April lily red Olive Garden Walmart, Aldi, Belk fruit dark chocolate and caramel Mtn Dew cycling, walking Wolfpack!!
Jean Tang K 14 November daisy blue and pink Jasmine Target nuts chocolates hot green tea greeting card stamping none
Robert Hobbs ESL 9 December tulips and roses Blue and Red Maggianos, Ruby Tuesday, Outback, Caribou Coffee, Shiki Sushi Amazon, Walmart chips, peanut butter crackers, breakfast bars Reeces Pieces, M&Ms, Milky Ways Milk, Tea with lemon and Splenda, Mio Video games, Youtube, pro wrestling, reading, stuff with my church, NY Giants, Virginia Cavaliers, Liberty Flames,
Nicole Watkins 2nd 11 August sunflowers, lillies, daisies blue chilis Ross, Target, Wal-Mart Doritos Chocolate Diet Pepsi or Black coffee hanging with family and friends anything detroit related
Jennifer Zarins IF 9 September Any Turquoise Chick Fil A Target Salty Chocolate anything Coffee Reading UNC
Megan Sullivan K-EBS IA 5 December Sunflower Mint Green First Watch Target Popcorn Dark Chocolate Coffee Weight training, cooking College-Penn State, NFL-Patriots, Baseball-Braves
TaNeisha Winters EBS-K 8 April Tulips Coral Pink, Olive Green, Teal Sushi and Mexican Target, Old Navy, Walmart Claussen Pickles, Tropical and Summer Splash Startburst Water, Raspberry lemonade, Arnold Palmer Church, Journaling and Being a Mommy Ohio State
Gabe Clark3 3rd grade 28 August Peonies Turquoise Chipotle Target, Amazon Popcorn, Oreos, Chips Reeses Coffee with cream:-) , Diet Coke Running, Reading, Traveling Michigan Wolverines!
Elaine Kretschmann 1st 23 December Lily Purple Panera Target, Walmart Popcorn or pretzels Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Pepsi Max or Diet Pepsi Reading and cooking Yankees
Megan Campion Kindergarten 25 April Sunflowers, Daisies, Tulips Yellow Bravos, Olive Garden Target, Amazon, Michaels, TJ Maxx/HomeGoods Cheez-its, Jalapeño Chips Dark Chocolate Coffee, Diet Coke Reading, Playing Softball, My dog, Shopping n/a
Jamie Matsik PE 31 December Green Ruckus Pizza Target Doritos Gummies Dr Pepper Steelers, Penguins, Pirates
Bina Patel Kindergarten 30 July Rose Blue, white The Cheesecake Factory Target, Belk, Ann Taylor,Loft Sunchips, Almonds None Ginger Ale, Tea Gardening, Hiking Tar Heels
Ahmed Benamrane IA 3 March all types Black, red, and yellow. Jasmin Olivz Amazon and Costco Chocolate peppermint Caramel Mocafrab swimming, video editing, and traveling. Real Madrid
Bridgette Crose 5th 12 October Tulip Turquoise Chick-Fil-A Hobby Lobby/Homegoods BBQ chips Anything with peanut butter Diet Dr. Pepper/Coffee Crafting, Reading Gators
Pam Dubay K 4 July Yellow roses pink any Amazon and walmart pistachios ,almonds payday, heath bar, rolos and anything white chocolate coke sewing, crafting and gardening Patriots and Red Sox
Stephanie Spence Kindergarten 6 July Orchid and Lilly Blue and yellow Mexican in Cary or downtown Raleigh Target, Amazon, REI, chips and hot salsa Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Dark chocolates with almonds water hiking, biking, and yoga Hurricanes
Stephanie McGrath 3rd 24 September Gerbera Daisy, Peace Lilly, Pothos (house plant) Pink, Aqua, Green, Sushi Blues, Tropical Smoothie Cafe Amazon, Target Chex mix, caramel popcorn, Extra toasty cheese its Gummies, Chocolate, Twizzlers, and skittles Water, Blue Gatorade Dog parks with my dog, Hiking, Planting, Painting, Reading Hurricanes, Syracuse University, Harry Potter
Katherine Crisson 1st 23 February Carnation Purple and Teal chick fila and Outback Target and starbucks Pistachios and Salt and Vinegar chips Lemonheads and peanut M and Ms Dr. Pepper and coffee Reading North Carolina State and Carolina Panthers
Kami Herier 1st 8 April Daisy and Sunflower Purple Chick Fil A Target and Old Navy White Cheddar Popcorn and Cheetos Peanut Butter M&Ms and Snickers Diet Dr. Pepper and Sweet Tea Reading and Beach or Lake Broncos and Panthers
Debra Bahoric Kindergarten 18 March wildflowers blue Panera Target trail mix any chocolate pepsi photography reading travel UNC Tarheels
MacKenzie Waltz 5th 12 April I love all flowers. Teal Coco Bongo Homegoods, Marshalls and Target Fruit Twix or Butterfingers Mountain Dew or Pepsi Gardening, reading and playing video games. Broncos and Rockies
Heather Petrovich 2nd 7 April Lily & daisy Pink or any Chipotle & Chick-fil-A Amazon & Target Pepperidge Farm Chessmen cookies, choc covered pretzels Reese’s PB Cups Sweet Tea movies, reading, photography Penn State, Jets, NY Yankees
Kasthuribai Gopal Kindergarten 22 February Yellow roses Yellow, pink chipotle, chickfil-a target nuts lindt chocolates, Godiva chocolates tea gardening, shopping none
Jenna Ward Kindergarten 20 August Iris/tulips/Eucalyptus (even though it’s not a flower!) purple/green Italian/Mexican Trader Joe’s, Amazon, Target UNbuttered popcorn Dark Chocolate & LIndoor Dark Chocolate Truffles) Simply Lemonade/Orange Juice Gardening & Reading NY Giants
Kyra O’Sullivan 1st 5 August sunflower yellow Panera Target Fritos Peanut M & Ms coke reading, going to the beach, family time NY Giants
Paige Kurwicki 2nd 20 November Peonies or Lillies Maroon/Burgundy anything italian or sushi Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Starbucks Wheat Thins, Crunchy Cheetos, Hint of Lime Tostitos KitKat or Twix Coffee, Sweet tea, Diet Dr. Pepper beach, reading, hanging with my dogs St. Louis Blues
Brian Anstey 2nd 8 July Peony Green Chipotle, Panera, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, CoreLife Eatery Target, Old Navy Cheetos (Crunchy or puffed) Starburst (preferably the minis) Iced Tea, smoothie, coffee Reading, Hockey, Just being outside NY Rangers, Carolina Hurricanes