Staff Favorites – 2018

Looking for a good holiday gift idea? Here’s the list of staff favorites for the 2018/19 school year.

You can also download the PDF of responses.

First and Last Name Grade/ Department Birthday Favorite Color Favorite Flower Favorite Restaurant Favorite Store or Gift Card Idea Favorite Snack Favorite Candy Favorite Beverage Hobbies Favorite Sports Team
Tracy English 1st 7-Aug Purple Lily Mexican Target, Walmart Chips, Goldfish, Fruit, Nuts Peanut M&Ms, Take 5 Coke, Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew Kickboxing NC State
Anne Bouedo 1st 30-Jan Purple Hydrangeas Coquette TJmaxx Unsalted nuts Dark chocolate Loose leaf green tea Hiking, reading French soccer team
Bacchus 1st 22-Apr cranberry callalily Himalayan range amazon cashew nuts snickers water travel none
Katherine Crisson 1st 23-Feb Purple and Teal rose Outback, Chick fila target, starbucks Salt and Vinegar chips sour patch kids and snickers dr pepper and coffee camping, zumba and kickboxing NC State and Carolina Panthers
Jacqueline Romanelli 1st 3-Aug Pink Sunflowers Chik-fil-a Starbucks Salt and vinegar chips Dark chocolate Coffee and Vanilla Coke Zero Reading and watching movies Philadelphia Eagles
Kyra O’Sullivan 1st 5-Aug yellow sunflower Panera Bread Target Fritos Peanut M&Ms Coke reading, baking, exercise, family time New York Giants
Erica Rosado 1st 8-Jul blue peonies Yuri Target , Starbucks Almonds Kit Kat bars coffee Cooking New York Yankees
Lee-Anna Park 1st 15-Apr Yellow All Bonefish, Chick-fil-A TJMaxx, HomeGoods, Target Anything zesty Peanut M&Ms Blueberry Bai Reading, Cooking USA Gymnastics
Debbie Bahoric 1st 18-Mar carolina blue any Panera Target Barnes and Noble
popcorn Gummy Bears iced tea photography and travel UNC Tarheels
Paige Brocaille 2nd 20-Nov Teal Lily Anything Italian Hobby Lobby or Starbucks Tostitos Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips KitKat or Twix Sweet Tea Reading, Painting, Walking my dogs St. Louis Cardinals
Dana Hall 2nd 17-Jun Purple Rose or Tulips Lugano’s Italian Anything is greatly appreciated Cheese, peanuts or cookies Dark Chocolate Coca Cola Exercise, beach Duke Basketball & Atlanta Braves
Elaine Kretschmann 2nd 23-Dec Purple Lily Panera and Goji Bistro Target Mini Kind Bars or mixed nuts Peppermint Patties Pepsi Max Photography Yankees
Stephanie McGrath 2nd 24-Sep Pink Gerberia Daisy Kahnki, Smoothie King Starbucks, target, panera Chex mix Twizzlers (peel kind) blue gatorade, water yoga, gym, reading syracuse basketball
Hannah Kraska 3rd 28-Apr Gold, Pink, Yellow, Green Hydrangea, Peonies, sunflowers, Greenery Chick Fil A, Target, Amazon Cheezits, sweet things, I like all snacks Baby Ruth, Pay Day, Reeses, Everything La Croix, Coffee, Bai Waters Reading, Spending time with dogs, Target Carolina Hurricanes
Ashleigh Faggard 3rd 27-May green, yellow, purple Sunflower Jersey Mike’s Target Peanut Butter M&Ms Peanut Butter M&Ms Coffee Ultimate Frisbee Arsenal
Cristina Lane 3rd 18-Mar Purple Daisy anything sushi Starbucks cheetos M&Ms Diet Coke crafting and swimming NC State football & Basketball
Nicole Watkins 3rd 11-Aug blue daisy, sunflower chilis Target, Wal-Mart, Ross, Home Goods Doritos anything chocolate diet pepsi hanging out with family and friends, walking, swimming Anything Detroit related!
Jeanetta Martin 3rd 3-Aug purple Hydrangeas, tulips Rigazzis Gabe’s Naval oranges Peanut Brittle ginger ale Skating, reading, cooking Basket Ball
Emily Cerra 4th 15-Sep Purple Lily Vic’s Target Popcorn Take 5, PB M&Ms Black Tea Running, Playing Violin Penn State Nittany Lions & Pittsburgh Stealers
Rachel van Schagen 4th 19-Aug Purple and Mint Sunflowers Mexican (just about any) Target Chips Jolly Ranchers Sprite, Coffee Crafting, watching sports ECU
Rob Jones 4th 22-Jun Green Venus Fly Trap Red Robin Amazon Orange Chocolate Life Savers! Coffee (medium roast) Travelling, DIY, exercise Chicago Bears, Durham Bulls
Penny Hesman 5th 24-Jun blue sunflower Olive Garden Kohls or Target dried fruit & nuts anything chocolate grape juice reading, bicycling, hiking Barcelona
Johanna Drake 5th 1-Aug Teal Daisy Tijuana Flats Target Salt and vinegar chips M&Ms Coke Zero Reading, travel, exploring this area Syracuse, Mets
Danielle Bridges 5th 25-Jun blue tulips Panera, Chopt Target Hummus & Pita Chips/Carrotts twix Lime Sparkling Water Cooking, Swimming, Walking the dog USC – Gamecocks
MacKenzie Waltz 5th 12-Apr Teal Sunflower Pho Target Almonds, fruit and cheese Heath Bars Coffee or mountain dew Gardening, antiquing, drawing, reading, cuddling animals,
Broncos & Rockies
Emily Ulrich 5th 20-Sep Blue Sunflowers Sushi Starbucks Pretzels Peanut M&Ms Lime sparkling water (outside of adult beverages) Running Washington Redskins
Lecia Cecconi-Roberts AIG 6-Jan fushia, bright purple roses, liacs, violets Outback Steak Amazon, Starbucks, Target Gardettos, Goldfish Milky Way or anything with caramel diet Dr. Pepper, diet Pepsi music, volleyball Detroit Red Wings
Kim Atkins ART 15-Nov Purple I love all flowers Los Magueyes TJMaxx/Starbuck’s Baked Ruffles potatoe chips Albanese Gummy Worms Diet Mt. Dew/Coke Zero Creating ART, Softball, Reading ECU, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves
Caitlin Parker AU 1 28-Aug Gray Sunflower Chipotle Amazon Chips sour gummy worms Dr. Pepper reading and spending time with doggos N/A
Brandi Snyder AU 2, Special Education 23-Sep blue sunflower Chick-Fil-A Amazon dark chocolate York Peppermint Patties coffee running, hiking, kayaking, reading Pittsburgh Penguins
Lori Thompson AU ll 26-May Green Lotus Panera Target Glaze Donut Snickers/Reeses Pepsi Traveling with my daughters Panthers, Hendricks-NASCAR #48JJ
Holly Sosebee AUI hot pink and electric blue anemone chick-fil-a and bojangles target and amazon cape cod chips raisinets Coke and Starbucks Doubleshot White Mocha (Can) movies, crafting Ravenclaw Quidditch
Dawn Diaz AUI orange, green, blue, brown sunflower Panera Bread Target, Amazon Cheezits not much candy Diet Tea, favor berry water computer games, walking, swimming none
Denise Barnett CCR 18-Jun Green Rose YoHo Asian Bistro Target Goldfish with M&Ms Anything chocolate Coffee Traveling, Reading, Concerts, Outdoors NC STATE
Linda Shelton CCR 18-Aug purple any Chick-fil-a, Applebees Michaels/Hobby Lobby granola Reeses tea playing with my puppies, visiting parks, walking, thrift
shopping, exploring different farmers markets
Jennifer Pendergraft Data Manager 15-Oct Hot pink & turquose Peonies Chic a fil Target & Trader Joe’s Peanuts None, thank you! Water or Diet Coke Painting, decorating, travel planning, Stella & Dot South Carolina Gamecocks
TaNeisha Winters EBS-Kindergarten 8-Apr Teal Tulip Sushi and Mexican Target and Old Navy Original Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps, Toasty Peanut Butter
Mamba Fruit Chews and Snickers Schweppes Ginger Ale and Chai Tea Latte Church and Being a mommy n/a
Christine Rahn ESL 18-Feb orange white rose On the Border, Ruckus, CookOut Walmart, Target popcorn Peanut butter M&Ms water running, volunteering at the SPCA, reading Baltimore Orioles
Megan Sullivan IA/EBS-K Mint Green, Burgundy Plant-Succulents Yard House Target, Starbucks, Harris Teeter Dark Chocolate Coffee Weightlifting, Running, Napping New England Patriots
Tamika Henry Instructional Facilitator Purple roses Olive Garden Target, Starbucks M&Ms, skittles M&Ms, skittles Mt Dew, Lipton’s Green Tea Reading, family Cowboys, Panthers, Duke
Jessica Fitts Intervention 15-Jun blue or purple Hydrangea Starbucks Target Cheeze Its Dark Chocolate Starbuck Mocha Travel Hurricanes
Emily Tadepalli K 1-Oct red roses Cowfish TJ Maxx/Home Goods popcorn reese’s water zumba, baking, running, puzzles Marshall University (college), Panthers (pro)
Caitlin Seyler K 5-Jun pink rose Italian target cheddar popcorn dark chocolate diet coke reading none
Jean Tang K 14-Nov blue/pink daisy Any Asian restaurant Target Nuts Ginger Green tea Card Stamping None
Megan Campion K 25-Apr yellow sunflowers any Mexican restaurant or Chilis Target or Amazon Cheez-its or anything chocolatey =) Twix Diet Coke reading, softball I don’t have one, USA!
Anne Elmore K 24-Apr Red – Go State! Lily Olive Garden Walmart, Aldi almonds, fruit dark chocolate, caramel Mountain Dew cycling, reading NC State, of course
Jenna Ward K 20-Aug Purple Iris and Tulip Garibaldi, Gravy (Italian!) Trader Joe’s  (Target
too:) )
popcorn dark chocolate chai (tea) gardening, cooking,refinishing furniture,  photography, NY Giants
Pam Dubay K 4-Jul pink yellow rose any walmart pistachios payday, heath bar coke reading,sewing Redsox, Patriots
Sarah Muscarella K 9-Mar Pink Rose, but love them all Ruckus, Bravo’s Starbucks, Target, Trader Joe’s dried fruit (no bananas) Swedish Fish, Chocolate Coffee, Sparkling Water Reading, Cooking/Baking Steelers, Sabres
Kasthuribai Gopal K 22-Feb yellow, pink roses chick-fil a, chipotle jcpenney, target nuts, peanut M&Ms chocolates tea, coffee watch tv, read books none
Megan Lis K teal, peacock blue, green peonies, sunflowers, roses, Provencial, Asian Amazon, TJMaxx, Target Doritons, fruit, cheese, veggies Twizlers, peanut M$Ms Sprakling water, Coke, Coffee Travel/Beach/Gardening Durham Bulls, Panthers, Hurricanes
Donna Bahena K 26-Aug Purple Sunflower Tasu at Waverly Place Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Chocolate Salted Caramel Mocha Frapuccino or Iced Coffee Reading N/A
Katie Miller K-5/ESL 26-Aug Green Tulips Angus Barn, Cheesecake Factory, Carolina Cafe Starbucks, Target, DSW Popcorn Dark Chocolate COFFEE!!!!!! travel, cooking, languages :), puzzles, tennis NC State, Carolina Panthers of course
Carrie Jarman Literacy Coach 15-Jun blue gerber daisy Panera Target Nuts Dark Chocolate Diet Coke gardening, crafts,and golf Oklahoma Sooners
Elizabeth Scheck Media 7-Jul Orange Daisy  Hibachi Michaels Gardettos Hot Tamales Cherry Coke Scrapbooking, Photography Broncos, Carolina
Marisa McKinney Music 10-Nov Teal Daisy Chic a fil a Target peanut butter M&Ms dark chocolate hershey kisses Dr. Pepper Sudoku and puzzles of all kinds Panthers, NC State
Tracy Dorton Office 24-Aug purple lily Bravo’s Target pretzels jolly ranches, sweet tarts mt dew spending time with family, listening to music, traveling anything michigan!
Jamie Matsik PE 31-Dec green none Ruckus Pizza Target Doritos Gummies Dr Pepper none Steelers
Julia Haywood Psychologist 19-Jul Blue Daisy Chick-Fil-A Target Doritos Snickers Diet Dr. Pepper Reading, Watching TV/Movies Carolina Tar Heels, Carolina Panthers
Diane Daughtry Reading Intervention 15-Jun Blue Rose Seafood Target Kettle Corn Heath Bars Diet Dr. Pepper/Bottled Tea Reading, Traveling, Football, Basketball Fan UNC Tarheels
Chris Dudek School Counselor 3-Jul Blue Peony Chik-fil-A Target, Amazon & TJ Max Doritoes Peanut M&Ms & Take 5 Diet root beer or Diet Dr. Pepper Reading, gardening, playing games and cards Ohio State
Dayna Bell Speech and Language 22-Jul Purple or Teal Daisy Chick Fil A, Mo’s, Mason Jar Target, Kohl’s, Old Navy Sun Chips any flavor M&M’s, Reese’s peanut butter cups Diet Coke, flavored seltzer Reading, dance, tennis Orioles
Tara Rood STEM, Technology 29-Apr pirate purple gerber daisy Chick Fil A Target and TJ Maxx fresh fruit and white cheddar popcorn chocolate sweet tea and Coke Zero camping, boating, DIY projects ECU Pirates!