Laps 4 Learning

Laps 4 Learning 2016

Dear Parents,

The Reedy Creek Elementary PTA is having a Laps 4 Learning fundraiser on Friday, September 23rd. This will be our first major fundraiser this year! The purpose of our fundraising is to raise money for students and the school, to continually support activities, assemblies, and update school equipment/technology throughout the year. We are hoping to raise a grand total of $50,000 from our combined fundraising events this year. If each student raises just $50 throughout the year, we will hit our goal!

Your child can use the donation chart on the back of this letter to collect money from family, friends and sponsors. We’ll use this chart to track your child’s total amount raised and to calculate first and second place winners.

Below are links for more Laps 4 Learning resources:

Laps 4 Learning Donor Letter

Students can use the sample wording in this document to help draft letters to send to potential donors explaining our school goal. This can also be used to request contribution matching from your employer.

Laps 4 Learning FAQs

This sheet will explain and answer questions regarding our Laps 4 Learning Program.

Laps 4 Learning Prize Sheet and Dates

A list of important dates and detailed information about the prizes your child and your child’s classroom can earn by participating in and raising money for Laps 4 Learning.

On Friday, September 23, students will participate in Laps 4 Learning for 30 minutes during their recess. Every student will receive water and a popsicle after their run. We encourage parents to come out and walk/run with your child or volunteer to help count laps. All volunteers must be approved by WCPSS before the event.

Questions? Please direct any questions to our VP of Fundraising, Natasha Foster 919-900-0507 or PTA President, David Johnson at


Reedy Creek Elementary PTA